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Subject:  X Files - I wanna believe

03/08/2008 22:11 GMT

Spoiler alert

The X files movie is not too bad, but contains no Aliens (A good thing) and no supernatural stuff ( a bad thing).
Just frankenstien stuff. all cast were lack lustre except Billy Connolly who felt did an excellant portrayal of a de-frocked priest.
Whilst the subject matter was intriguing to an extent, but it seemed just a very very long episode of a the TV series of seasons 4 or 5.
Finally they got rid of the conspiracy theories for which they delved into too much during the last 2/3 of the TV shows.
There is some links to parts of the tv shows but they do not move the story along or even are part of the story.
Scully's side story with the dieing child is over long and I feel that it was put in so Gillian Anderson felt something for to get her to do the movie.

Should it have been made?
Not in the format they did. Perhaps they were trying to distance themselves for new shows like Supernatural.


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