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Subject:  Edmund Pegge October 2017 meeting

07/10/2017 10:14 GMT

SFSA The South Australian Doctor Who Club is pleased to announce its next event.

Edmund Pegge will be our guest at the October general meeting.

Edmund has had a career spanning five decades. He appeared in Hamlet for the Adelaide University Footlights Club in 1959. Some of his television credits are Escape into Night, Moonbase 3 and The Day of the Triffids. In 1977 he appeared in Doctor Who: This Invisible Enemy as Meeker, a crewman flying a relief shuttle to Titan when he is infected by an alien space bourne swarm.

In 2008 he was audio interviewed by the National Institute of Dramatic Arts as part of its program of recording significant dramatic figures. In 2013 Edmund was the special guest of the Club's 50th anniversary of Doctor Who celebration, sharing his memories of working on the show.

Edmund will be signing copies of his book, Forever Horatio.

Adelaide High School 21 October 2017, signing at six o'clock.

Contact: secretary@sfsa.org.au


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