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Subject:  The Stranger

05/02/2020 07:25 GMT

The Stranger comprised two series of six episodes apiece, playing weekly from 26 April 1964 and then weekly from 20 June 1965.

Both series repeated 25 November 1966 -- 10 February 1967, in NSW and Victoria.

Repeated Fridays 18.00 from 11 February 1972 in NSW.

Undated clips played in a story on UFOs, This Day Tonight, possibly 9 November 1967?

Excerpted in The Way We Were in 2004.

Long segments played in 5 November 2006
The ABC of Our Lives: 50 Years of Television.

NZ, via Jon Preddle.

It was shown in NZ, a bit before my time though!
Shown in Nigeria in 1967.

UK screenings, via David Brunt

First 6 ep at the start of 1965. Second early 1966.
Then all 12 the following Autumn.
On BBC1.

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